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Shri Raghunath Temple (Kullu)


 (JPG, 34 KB)The chief deity of Kullu is Raghunath Ji. Dussehra festival is held in its name. The idol is same which was used by Lord Rama himself at the time of Ashwamegh Yagya and was brought from Tretnath temple of Ayodhya. The temple was constructed in 1660 AD with a mixed look of Pahari and Pyramidal style. Everyday puja (aarti) is held for five times. Round the year, 45 festivals are held.


It is said that Raja Jagat Singh used charanamrit of the idol for 42 days and was absolved from the evil effect of the curse of a Brahmin Durga Dutt.



Bhekhali Mata Temple (Bhekhali-Kullu)


In the lap of a hill, about 10 km far fro (JPG, 36 KB)m Kullu, Bhakhali is a small village of Brahmins. But, on foot it is only 4 km. It is the adobe of Jagannathi mata, also called as Bhuweneshawari, sister of Lord Narayana. The temple is 1500 years old. A fine sample of local art of sculpture, a full sized lion of stone stands in lawn of the temple. Walls have the painting of Durga in various actions.


According to old said, a boy of Palsara family went to graze cattle. He was a good flute player. Once playing on the flute he saw two girls dancing on the his music. But their feet were not touching the earth, they were floating in the air. He caught one of those girls. The girl disclosed her identity and agreed to stay in the village. Then Narayana vacated the temple for the goddess. Three fairs, in APRIL, JUNE and on first day of Kullu Dussehra held here at Bhakhali. On Dussehra day gur-khel is worth to seeing. After the sunset the goddess is taken out on a chariot. The place gives a very beautiful view at a height of 1833 mts.


Bijli Mahadev Temple (Kullu)

 (JPG, 10 KB)

Situated at an altitude of 2435 mts on a hill call Mathan 11 km. from Kullu. The temple is ideally located offering a commanding view. The temple is in ’khash’ style. 20 mt high wooden pole stands are installed for seeking blessings from the sky in the form of lighting which shatters the temples Shivlinga Ghat which is then rebuilt by the temple priest. All the pieces are joined together with butter as adhesive. A special ceremony is performed in this process. The followers carry a Chariot of Bijli Mahadev where the deity is taken out. The followers invokes his blessing for bringing rain, good crop, help in worldly affairs or birth of a son.



 (JPG, 69 KB)

A regular bus goes up to Chansari village, 14 km from Kullu. The remaining three km. are to be traversed on foot. The 2 km road is totally surrounded with pine trees. There is great rush at the temple in the month of July. A visit to this place provides memorable moments and journey through the forest is very enjoyable.



Vaishno Devi Temple (Kullu)

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On the way to Manali 3 km. from Kullu, it is a nice place to pilgrim. There is small cave just like Vaishno Devi Temple. an idol of Durga is installed here. In 1964 AD, a saint established this temple. After his death, this temple is managed by Sharda Sewa Sungh. There is a Lord Shiva temple also.


The management runs a free ’LUNGER’ and a ’SARAYE’ is there for night stay also within the temple premises. The atmosphere of this temple is peaceful and calm. Flow of river Beas in front of the temple gives this place a commanding view. In side the temple premises an acupressure treatment centre is also running providing free of cost treatment.




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