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National Association for the Blind

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Last Updated On: 28/05/2015  

 (JPG, 5 KB)National Association for the Blind, India
(Himachal Pradesh State Branch)

Registered under Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860, Disability Act 1995, FCRA



History of the State Branch


The organization was established way back in the year 1997 by Late Madam Chander Abha who was a true social worker and had been working for others since 1979. She met a child in one of the creche centre who was almost 10yrs of age, she was told that since he was Blind he could not attend the school, thus was formed the H P State Branch of National Association for the Blind. The school was started with 4 Blind children in the year 1999 with minimum funds and no space. Gradually over the period the organization started expanding and so did the activities (GIF, 9 KB)




1.     Special School : The school is looking after the primary section education, pre integration, home management and self-management of the children.  





 (JPG, 7 KB)


2.     Integrated Education : The organization does not believe in segregation of the se children but integration with the main stream schools. At the secondary levelthe school is assisting the children pursue their higher education by taking special classes after school for all that the have missed in school. We are here taking measures to help the children study higher science and math’s which with in the regular school would be difficult to cope up





3.      Hostel facility: All the children with the school, both in special and integrated educati (JPG, 7 KB)on are provided free hostel as they are from different parts of Himachal Pradesh.



4.      Computer Training: All the children associated with the organization pursue computer education. This helps them in their ability to access any information available in audio formats, E-text format etc. This helps them access all different office tools. We do have examples of visually impaired pursuing higher careers of software development.

  (JPG, 8 KB)


5.      Audio Library: The organization is providing the facility of Audio library for not only the school children but also visually impaired pursuing higher education at 12th level and college level. The books are either in cassettes, daisy formats, MP3 formats and text formats etc.



6.      Extra curricular development: The school is looking after extra curricular development of th (JPG, 7 KB)e children, they are encouraged to participate in all cultural events organized locally. Sports is also promoted in the school, children from the school have participated in chess competitions, athletic meets etc even at state and national level.



7.      Multiple Handicapped Section: The organization has taken up the extension project of NAB Delhi for Multiple Handicapped section and we are looking at the self-management skills of 10 MHU children identified by the organization in Kullu and Mandi District. This is a home based model in which the teachers go to the homes of the children. These children need therapeutic services and we are providing them physiotherapy. The multiple disabled have a lot of problem in case of acceptance in the society or even for that matter in their own families. I am sure that with gradual efforts we will be more sensitized to their needs and in times we take up efforts to help them.

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