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Last Updated On: 15/05/2015  

HIMBHOOMI - Land Record Computerization

The HimBhoomi software is an end result of lots of efforts of both revenue department and National Informatics Centre, Himachal Pradesh. The system of land records maintenance in India is very complicated which makes the software design and development as complicated. However, due sustained efforts the software has been developed and caters to the requirements of the revenue department to a great extent.

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Major Highlights

  1. Exact replica of existing manual system with improvements & compatible to requirements thereby enabling its replication without any resistance from the  revenue staff.

  2. Includes land reforms detail, a unique feature that has not been attempted in any similar software in the country.

  3. Assignment of Unique code to each individual appearing in any capacity in land records thereby enabling to know the extent of land possessed, which could be base for many e-governance applications.

  4. Includes customary rights & Forestry (TD) rights details that are often requisitioned by various Courts of Law.

  5. A complete MIS as it encompasses Minor Irrigation census, agriculture census details there by providing much of information desired for conducting irrigation & agriculture census which are conducted after every five years involving the huge implicit and explicit physical & financial costs.

  6. Linkages with Census Codification enlarge the scope of data and information.

  7. Facilitate the online mutation entry and generation of Nakal and Jamabandi.

  8. Facilitates the computerisation of record in both rural and urban area.

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HIMRIS - Computerization of Land Deeds

Whereas, HimBhoomi software has been developed by NIC Himachal Pradesh for computerisation of Land Records covering computerisation of Shajra Nasb (Genealogical tree), Jamabandi (RoR), Mutation. HimRis software has also been developed by NIC Himachal Pradesh for computerisation of registration of deeds including Land Deeds which are directly linked to Land Records. HimRis has been linked with HimBhoomi to reflect all land related registration deeds in the Land Records so that no fraudulent deed can be registered by the seller.

Objectives of HimRis (PNG, 28 KB)

  1. To provide timely an efficient services to the people in a transparent manner.

  2. To better enforce the changes in to the system uniformly which are announced from time to time.

  3. To tap the leakages in the revenue due to undervalue of the rates of stamp duty and registration.

  4. Better services to the citizens by providing on the spot registration and single window service

  5. Prevention of frauds like impersonation, professional witnesses & proxies by capturing of photographs of all the parties and the witnesses on the spot.

  6. Better monitoring of revenue collection by plugging in the leakage of government revenue by proper and correct evaluation defined by administration based on current rates.

  7. To introduce increased transparency in the system by removing all the discretion at all levels through automation on scrutiny, valuation, checking support certificates.

  8. To replace the non-uniform, person-specific processes that followed tradition rather than the rule-book.

The HimRis (Himachal Registration Information System) is a workflow application and helps the Sub-Registrar Offices to undertake deed registration in an efficient, simple & speedy manner. HimRis is a self sustaining e-Governance project ensuring simple, uniform document registration process with a guarantee to return original document after registration & archival within same day.


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