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Last Updated On: 04/06/2015  

Following is a list of the key G2C (Government to Citizen) and G2G (Government to Government) services implemented across different departments in the district:

• Election Support: Support is being provided for entry and random deployment of polling staff, counting staff using DISE software. IT support is being provided for  compilation & dissemination of Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha Elections result to ECI. Facility is being provided for management and regular updation of electoral roll for conduct of PRI/ULB Elections.

• RefNIC: Reference Monitoring System is being used for computerized monitoring of the movement of letters/files in the sections/branches at various offices. This application is implemented at Collectorate, RTO and SDO (C) Offices.

• SchemesMIS: On-line system implemented at District Planning Cell helps in sanctioning money for Schemes judiciously under various developmental heads. The physical & financial progress of the sanctioned Schemes is also monitored through this S/W till the scheme is fully implemented. Various query/print reports built in the Software helps in better monitoring.

• Shastr: Shastr is a web-based multi-tier on-line application software implemented at DC Office and SDO (C) Hamirpur for issuance, renewal and endorsement of Arms Licenses. This system also provides a citizen interface to know the status of his application on web site.

• Transport Computerization: Under Transport Sector key applications implemented at RTO and all the R&LAs in the district are:

  • Vahan - this application is being used for issuance/renewal and management of Registration Certificates and Permits of Vehicles.
  • Sarathi - this application is being used for issuance/renewal/endorsement and management  of learner, driving and conductor licenses.
  • Vahan & Sarathi data is auto ported to SR/NR over VPNoBB.
  • Stall - this application is being used for taking the learner’s license test of the applicants.
  • Pathkar - this web-based application is implemented at RTO Hamirpur and being used for Time Table Preparation & SRT Calculations.

• e-Samadhan: This is the online grievance monitoring system for effective monitoring & disposal of grievances of the peoples of Himachal Pradesh. It helps the in handling the voluminous number of grievances received from individuals submitted on-line or personally at different offices for the redressal of their grievances. It helps in keeping a track of a grievance till disposal.

 LokMitra: Pilot project launched in 2001 in district Hamirpur, merged with CSC project and is being extended to the village level where VLEs are working as front-end delivery centres of the government for providing G2G and G2C services.

• HimBhoomiLMK: A web interface for issuance of RoRs of land owners of the state. This services is being provided at all the Sugam Kendras and LMKs.

• eKosh - HPOLTIS: A work-flow based software is implemented in all the Treasuries for passing of bills. There is cross checking of the amount of the bill from the DDO wise budgeted amounts to avoid over spending. The bills are passed in the order they are received at the token counter. The accounts are always available in the complied format and can be submitted to the AG office at any point of time. Computerized tokens are assigned to bills/challans for subsequent processing till payment/receipt.

• ePension: A web based pension calculation and disbursement system for HP Government pensioners to know the status and details of their monthly pension through Internet every month. System provides facility for management of pension scrolls, arrear calculation etc of state government pensioners.

• e-Salary: Implemented in all treasuries, it provides a web-enabled interface for online preparation of monthly salary bills for all the employees under Government of HP. DDOs are authorized to carry out monthly changes and submit the bills electronically to Treasury officer for further verification. The respective treasury officer verifies the bills and generate ECS file for disbursement of salary directly into employee salary account. The SW has features to generate monthly Salary Bills, Salary Slips, Tax Calculation, Form16, Form24Q, LPC etc. Employees can view their salary slip online. The software is integrated with HP-OLTIS (Online Treasury information system).

• eVitran: is a web-based application software for distribution of budget allocated by Finance department to respective HOD’s and then by HODs to DDOs. All the HOD’s are provided with Login & Password for further allocation of budget to their respective DDOs located remotest corner of the state.

• eStamp: It is a client-system for issuance and management of Stamp Papers at treasuries.

• Location Directory: Standard coding directory of all revenue villages of the district is maintained through this application by expanding the Census Village Directory to incorporate one (census)-to-many (revenue) villages relationship. This SW is implemented at all the tehsils/STs and the locational codes generated in this SW are being utilized in the Land Records Management Information System.

• HimRIS: A client-server system is implemented at all the tehsils/STs for computerisation of deeds registration. It includes Land Deeds which are directly linked to Land Records. HimRis has been linked with HimBhoomi (Computerization of Land Records) to reflect all land related registration deeds automatically in the Land Records so that no fraudulent deed can be registered by the seller.

• HimBhoomi: Himbhoomi system is implemented in all tehsils/STs for computerization of Land Records and generation of registers and related MIS reports covering Shajra Nasb (Genealogical tree), Jamabandi (RoR), Mutation. It starts from the Shajra Nasb data entry, where each individual is assigned a unique code. Then the Jamabandi details are stored against each individual. Similarly when an individual concerned does any transaction then his/her detail is updated automatically with the help of mutation module. The modus operandi of data entry is that only one master Jamabandi (applicable at that time) is entered and then after wards only the changes are entered through the mutation module. It also generates the computerised Next Jamabandi Record automatically after incorporating the Mutations.

• LokPraman Patra: This on-line software is used for issuance of all types of certificates to be issued by the Executive Magistrates. Software is used for issuing the 14 types of certificates viz. Bonafide Himachali, Schedule Caste/Tribe, Ward of Freedom fighter, Dogra Class, Community Legal Heirs, Income, Other Backward Classes, Character Certificate, Backward Area, Rural Area, Agriculturist and Marriage Registration.

• e-Kalyan: This client-server based application is installed at Distt. Welfare Office for disbursement of welfare pensions through Bank Accounts, MOs and Post Office Accounts. Software provides facility for Application Processing, Waiting List Generation, Automatic substitution of Pensioners and pension disbursement through Bank Accounts, Money Orders and Post Office Saving Bank Accounts. Pension is also being disbursed through AEPB (Aadhaar Enabled Payment Gateway).

• e-Pehchan: HP Government is issuing Id Cards/Certificates to Senior Citizen and Disabled persons to avail travel concessions, reservations and other benefits under various schemes. This web-based application is installed at Distt. Welfare Office for issuance of the Disability and Senior Citizen identity cards.

• NREGA Soft: A web-based flagship programme of Government of India implemented from ministry down to the gram panchayat level for sanctioning and monitoring of works under MGNREGA and management/disbursement of fund under this schemes. The wage payments are being made through Aadhaar Enabled Payment Gateway.

• IAY: A complete MIS for management of allotment of funds sanctioned under Indira Awaas Yojna and monitoring of the financial/physical progress. This on-line system is implemented at all the blocks in the district.

• DEAS: Double Entry Accounting System, implemented at all the blocks is a computerized solution for maintenance of accounts on double entry system of accounting for development blocks and generating all mandatory reports like cash account, trial balance, ledgers, receipt and payment accounts. The financial transactions are captured in the form of vouchers and linked with development works being executed through Panchayats.

• ePRI: A Panchayat Enterprise Suite comprising of 11 core applications including LGD (Local Government Directory), Area Profiler (Socio-economic & general details), PlanPlus (to strengthen Decentralized & Participatory Planning), PriaSoft (Panchayat Accounting), ActionSoft (Works/Scheme implementation Monitoring System), NAD (National Asset Directory), Service Plus (to facilitate Service Delivery), Social Audit, Training and National Panchayat Portal (Dynamic Website of Panchayats) implemented down to the Gram Panchayat level, it is a complete suite for the management of PRI activities.

• DBT: A GoI flagship programme being implemented for Direct Transfer of Benefits to the beneficiary’s bank account under numerous Central/Centrally Sponsored and State Schemes. This generic on-line system is provided to the offices for payments to the beneficiaries of different schemes through Aadhar Enabled Payment Gateway.

• eCourts: To enhance judicial productivity both qualitatively & quantitatively, to make the justice delivery system affordable, accessible, cost effective & transparent, a NeGP MMP for computerization of courts is implemented at district and taluka courts.
In addition to this, CIS - Case Information System is also implemented at all the courts in the district to help court staff for online case filing, case registration, daily proceedings, statistical reports, creation of judgment, query etc.

• IDSP: Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme, a web based system to help in collecting important statistical data to check the spread of diseases by early warning signals on daily basis.

• eMamta: Mother & Child Tracking System to track all pregnant women and their children to receive full maternal and child health services. This on-line system is implemented at RH and all the block level hospitals in the district.

• Manav Sampada: An generic on-line application implemented at all the offices/boards/corporations in the district for convenient and effective monitoring of employee service books electronically.
It is a mother HR solution for all the employees and provides integration with various applications like e-Salary, e-Gatg , e-Samadhan , e-Sameesha, e-Attendance, e-Sanchalan, e-PDS, LokPraman Patra, e-Razgar along with user authentication and master data of offices, vacancy position, employee strength, online transactions etc. It provides distinctive features like Dashbard based dynamic graphical analysis, SMS based dissemination of information,GIS Integration,Online Submission of employee ACR and APR.

• Kanoon Vyavastha: Web-based decision support system for police department is being used to automate the processes at police stations. It is integrated with state police portal for auto transmission of data and generation of various MIS reports. It includes Online Complaints, Information, FIR, Online Traffic Challan System.

• e-Rozgar: This is a web-based system implemented at all employment exchanges to computerize registration process of unemployed. It provides features for new registrations, renewal of registrations, updation of registrations with interface for live vacancies.

• NADRS: National Animal Disease Reporting System, an on-line application implemented at AH&B department in the district for entry of data related to animal diseases and vaccinations  on day to day bases.

• AGMARKNET: An on-line system, implemented at all the market committees in the district to enter the Whole Sale Market Rates from APMC/Market. This project is benefitting the farmers, general public, traders etc. They can know in advance the prevailing prices of all the commodities in any of the mandis all over India.

• Hot Dak Tracking System: It is an intranet application designed as per the requirements of the District Administration to manage the important letters with-in collectorate and associated offices.

• RCMS: Revenue Courts Monitoring System, an on-line system to computerize all the revenue courts in the district.

District Website: The official website of District Hamirpur (http://hphamirpur.nic.in),   designed & developed as a one-point-source to provides information about history, fact-file, culture, temples, accessibility, tourist places and citizen services etc.

NICNET & Video Conferencing: Connected with State HQ over 1 Gbps link and backed up with 34 Mbps link to provide smooth connectivity to different departments. NKN Connectivity is extended to NIT Hamirpur and HP Technical University. VPNoBB connectivity is provided to RTO/R&LAs, NADRS nodes and Taluka Courts. Centre provides point-to-point/multi-point Video Conferencing services to different departments.

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