Shikari Devi

Last Updated On: 15/06/2016

Shikari Devi:-

Shikari Devi temple is about 18 Kms from Janjehli and connected by a jeepable Forest road. It is situated at an altitude of 3359 Mtr. Thick forests on the way to Shikari peak are amazing. Being the highest peak of  (JPG, 13 KB)Mandi District it is also called Crown of Mandi. Vast green pastures, captivating sunrise and sunset, panoramic view of snow ranges make this place favorite to nature lovers. The place receives a lot of snow during winters. The place can be approached from Karsog which is just 21 Kms from Shikari Devi. On the Shikari peak, there is a roofless temple of Shikari Devi, the Goddess of hunters and this temple is said to be established (Sathapit) by Pandavas. It is said that sage Markanday also meditated at this place for number of years. It has been observed that despite the fact that temple has no roof, no snow is spotted in temple premises during winters when the entire region around this temple is covered upto several feet by snow. Visitors can trek to Chindi, Karsog, Janjehli through different trek routes from Shikari. Adventurists can visit Kamrunag by undertaking a day long journey of 16 Kms by trekking the vast spread pastures on this hill top route with breathtaking scenic beauty and perfect calmness.

How to Reach:

 Mandi-Dadaur-Chailchowk-Thunag-Janjehli-Shikari-94 Kms.

Trek Routes:

Shikari Devi-Bakhrot-Chindi 18 Kms

Shikari Devi–Raigarh-Shankar Dehra 15 Kms

Shikari-Kamrunag 16 Kms