Last Updated On: 15/05/2015

 (GIF, 32 KB)Today, the world is world of Information Technology and it is moving ahead with tremendous speed. To keep pace with the others, State Government has approved and declared IT Policy and E-Governance is one of th e focus area identified under IT Policy.

E-Governance or Electronic-Governance aims at delivery of services and information to the public using Information Technology. The use of E-governance is to facilitate efficiency, speed, transparency and accountability in rendering services viz-a-viz  dissemination of information to public. Commensurate with the IT-Policy of the state government and in an attempt to promote procedural simplicity, curtailment of delay, convenient and quality service, e-governance project has been launched.




The e-Governance activities have the following objective..

  • Transparency in the working of the Government.  
  • To ensure greater efficiency, objectivity, accountability and speed in providing services and information to the public.
  • To provide cost effective service and quality of the same.
  • To provide single window for all Govt. Services at District Level.
  • Responsive Administration.
  • To provide a friendly, speedier and efficient interface.
  • To eliminate the middlemen


Setting up of E-Governance Centers

E-Governance Centers are being established with active support of National Informatics Centre and District Administration, Kullu.  Click following URLs to know more about SUGAM Services & IT Projects.

  • Sugam Services
  • Other IT Projects